Dr. -Ing.
Marjan Khobreh

Assistant Professor



Office: D2.2.038

Consultation hours: on Appointment

Marjan Khobreh is an assistant professor at the Institute of Information Systems and New Media. She obtained her Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Siegen, Germany. Her Ph.D. dissertation is entitled "Ontology Enhanced Representing and Reasoning of Job Specific Knowledge to Identify Skill Balance”. It basically focuses on developing an ontological knowledge-base for semantic bidirectional matching of the world of work (job-task) and the world of education (learning units). The entire approach has been used to develop multi-lingual online learning (software) platforms. Marjan has been involved in the management and coordination of several European and industry-funded IT and software engineering projects in the context of healthcare, competence management, and technology-enhanced learning.

Marjan is also the coordinator of " Cloud 6: Learning in Digital Era: Technology Enhanced Learning" at European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning (EAPRIL). For more information please visit here. Read Marjan's EAPRIL Blog, here.

Fields of Research Interest

  • Knowledge-Based Systems
  • Knowledge Representation (Ontology Development)
  • Technology Enhanced Learning

Courses/Teaching Experience

  • Lecture Corporate IT I (part of the SBWL specialisation in Information Systems), WU Vienna, (Since Summer semester 2019)
  • Lecture Basics of ICT (part of the SBWL specialisation in Information Systems), WU Vienna, (Since Summer semester 2019)
  • Visiting Lecturer (Univ.-Lektorin) - Lecture of “Knowledge Management in Cyber-Physical Production Systems” for thematic area of Ontology Development, TU Wien (Since Summer semester 2018)
  • Student Group Project, "Developing Web-based e-learning Platform for nursing students and nurses (Wissenspflege)", University of Siegen, Germany (2013-2017)
  • Lecture of “Knowledge Based Systems” for thematic area of Ontology Development, University of Siegen, Germany (2015-2017)
  • Seminar in “Trends and Technology in Knowledge Management”, University of Siegen, Germany (2015-2016)
  • Introduction to Computer Science for newcomers (Vorkurs Informatik), University of Siegen, Germany (2012-2013)

PhD Dissertation


  • M. Khobreh, S. Nasiri & M. Fathi, E-Nursing: Experience Platform for Improving Nursing Performance, Journal of Geoinformatics, 10 (1), 57-63, 2014.

Book Chapter

Conference Paper

  • M. Khobreh, F. Ansari & U. Seidenberg, Applying Job-Know Ontology towards Linking Workforce Experience and Labor Productivity in Smart Factory Industry 4.0,  In Proceedings of TAKE 2019 ‐ Theory and Applications in the Knowledge Economy Conference, Vienna, Austria, July 3-5, 2019, pp. 712-728.
  • M. Khobreh, F. Ansari & M. Fathi, An Educational Game to Improve Learning in Nursing, In Proceedings of 2015 Conference of European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning, Published on March 2016, ISSN 2406-4653, pp. 377-393, 2015.
  • M. Khobreh, S. Nasiri & M. Fathi, Utilizing Experience Management for Improving Nursing Performance, In Proc. of HealthGIS Conference, 21-23 August, Thailand, 2013.
  • M. Khobreh & M. Fathi, Urban health integrated knowledge exploring and exploiting (Urban THINKING), In Proc. of European Urban Health Conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2012.

Editorial Book


  • HCEU conference/EUcareNET network event 2018, Job-Know Ontology for Creating World of Nursing Competence, Dresden, Germany, 27. - 29. June 2018.
  • European Conference on Educational Research, Professional Nursing Tasks and Knowledge , Copenhagen, Denmark, 24. August 2017.
  • Health Care Europe (HCEU) Workshop, Building Interfaces Between Nursing Tasks, Nursing Knowledge and Training Contents, Kraków, Poland, 17. March 2016.
  • European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, Med-Assess System for Evaluating and Enhancing Nursing Job Knowledge and Performance, EC-TEL, Graz, Austria, 16. - 19. September 2014.
  • German Conference on Learning, Knowledge, Adaptation, An Ontology-based Recommender System to Support Nursing Education and Training, Bamberg, Germany, 7. - 9. October 2013.
  • European Urban Health Conference, Urban health Integrated Knowledge Exploring and Exploiting (UrbanTHINKING), Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 12. - 14. September 2012.

If you are interested in Marjan's research fields please follow her at Research Gate and Google Scholar