Soheil Human and Gustaf Neumann from the Institute for Information Systems and New Media of Vienna University of Economics and Business in collaboration with Rainer Alt from the Information Systems Institute of Leipzig University chair a mini-track on END-USER EMPOWERMENT IN THE DIGITAL AGE at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2020. Here is the call for papers:

Information technologies are known to shift the control on traditional organizational processes to the user. Among the examples are comparison sites or configurators in electronic commerce, citizen self-services in e-government or social media platforms in industries, such as finance, health or politics. Increasingly, solutions have become available that enable users to actively manage their identities, which are used by the various digital services. Self-sovereign identities or personal data stores point in the direction of reverse customer relationship management and allow end users (e.g. citizens, consumers, patients) to control their disclosed data. In addition, users could combine offerings from various service providers along their usage processes (e.g. customer journeys). End-user empowerment therefore might lead to a paradigm shift where processes are not controlled by service providers, but by service customers. 

This minitrack aims to attract research that advances the understanding of user empowerment in the digital economy. It adopts an interdisciplinary perspective, which considers user empowerment across application domains (e.g. software development, digital commerce, healthcare, administration). Topics are:

  • Identity management systems and privacy management systems for end-user empowerment
  • Novel technologies for managing identities and user attributes (e.g. Blockcerts)
  • Decoupling applications from the data they produce
  • Approaches for business applications, where users can retain ownership over their data
  • Accountability of information systems
  • Empirical evidence regarding the need for end-user empowerment
  • Privacy as a value for customers
  • Business value of user empowered solutions
  • Network effects of identity management systems
  • Cognitive and human-centric solutions for identity management, consent management, and end-user empowerment
  • Human-centric Personal Data Ecosystems
  • Concepts for user empowerment, such as reverse CRM or customer-dominant logic


Rainer Alt, Leipzig University, Germany

Soheil Human, Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien), Austria

Gustaf Neumann, Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien), Austria

Publication of Papers

Presented papers will be included in the Proceedings of HICSS-53. Selected papers will be invited for a fast-track in Electronic Markets – The International Journal on Networked Business.

Important Dates

April 20, 2019: Beginning of Submission Period

June 15, 2019: Paper Submission Deadline (11:59 pm HST)

August 17, 2019: Notification of Acceptance/Rejection

September 22, 2019: Deadline for Final Manuscript

October 1, 2019: Deadline for at least one author to register

Conference Dates

January 8-10, 2020:  Paper Presentations

Author Instructions