Researcher of the Month: Sabrina Kirrane

Data misuse and misinformation are key problems associated with the use of the internet today. As part of the PENNI project (Policy Enabled Next generation Internet), WU Senior Assistant Professor Sabrina Kirrane is working to build a new, decentralized internet that is based on transparency and allows users to keep more control over their data. Computer scientist Sabrina Kirrane is Researcher of the Month October.

Sabrina Kirrane earned her PhD in computer science from the National University of Ireland Galway, with a PhD thesis entitled “Linked Data with Access Control.” After working at the Galway Mayo Institute for Technology as an assistant lecturer from 2013 to 2015, she came to WU Vienna as a post-doc researcher in September 2015. Her research interests include the Next Generation Internet (NGI), distributed and decentralized systems, big data, and data science. Sabrina Kirrane has published her work in prestigious international computer science journals (e.g. Semantic Web, IEEE Security & Privacy, Knowledge Engineering Review, Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, Künstliche Intelligenz) and has presented her research at numerous international conferences. Her results have been widely discussed. In 2020, Sabrina Kirrane became a senior assistant professor at WU.

As Researcher of the Month, Sabrina Kirrane shares in her video interesting insights into her research and addresses a question that concerns all of us: What are the technological foundations needed to create an internet where citizens, companies, and organizations have more control over where their data are stored and how they are processed?