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Guest talk by Gerald Stieglbauer (AVL List GmbH)

Revolution vs. Evolution: Model-Based Engineering and the Industry

TUE Nov 6th, 2018
13:30 - 15:00
Room: D2.0.030

/ Abstract /

By now, model-based engineering (MBE) has a long tradition in academics
and research. In contrast to this long tradition, however, adoption of
MBE principles in the industry still remains limited. This led to
corresponding debates within the modelling community about the root
causes of this limited adoption. In this talk, the speaker highlights
the importance of these debates and shares his experience gained during
six years of technology knowledge transfer activity from research to
industrial applications. As its central hypothesis, the talk will be
about so-called MBE Micro Injections, for which the speaker has observed
the potential to make the adoption of MBE principles in industry more
successful. Since the idea of MBE Micro Injections comprises not only
technical issues but as well socio-cultural aspects, the speaker will
talk about concrete observations in these directions during past and
ongoing research projects.

/ Bio /

Dr. Gerald Stieglbauer, (male) is AVL’s expert on model-based approaches
such as modeling languages and modeling language design (with special
focus on DSLs), model transformation, and system engineering. He studied
Applied Computer Science at the University of Salzburg, graduated 2003
and received his PhD in 2007. He was awarded with the BMW Scientific
Award (diploma thesis) and the Award of Excellence of the Austrian
Government (PhD thesis). The focus of both theses was in the area of
model-based development and simulation of safety-critical software for
embedded systems. In 2007, he joined the AVL to become responsible for
the development of a model transformation engine for a testbed
configuration system. In 2011, he joined the Research & Technology
department for Instrumentation and Test Systems at AVL’s headquarter in
Graz. Since then, he is technology scout for model-based engineering
(MBE) in support of knowledge transfer from science to AVL and vice
versa. In this context, his focus of interest goes beyond the
technological aspects of MBE and includes especially observations about
socio-cultural aspects of successful strategies aiming at a sustainable
introduction of innovations in industry.

We EXPEDiTE Realisation of "Human-centred Personal Data Ecosystems" in Our New Project EXPEDiTE!

We are delighted to inform you that the Institute of Information Systems and New Media (WU Wien) starts the interdisciplinary research project EXPEDiTE. The full title of the project is "EXPloring opportunities and challenges for Emerging personal DaTa Ecosystems: Empowering humans in the age of the GDPR - A Roadmap for Austria". The Privacy and Sustainable Computing Lab of WU Wien, the Linked Data Lab of TU Wien and OwnYourData are our partners in this project which is funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). Soheil Human and Ben Wagner lead EXPEDiTE. Prof. Gustaf Neumann, Prof. Axel Polleres, and Prof. Sarah Spiekermann shape the advisory board of the project. For more information visit: Expedite

New project on DSLs granted: HybriDLUX

Our institute and its partners (TU, AVL, and EclipseSource) were granted funding for the three-years research project HybriDLUX (FFG #867535, ICT of the Future, 6th call) on improving the ease-of-use of DSL and DSL-based software-development tooling in industry. The project is about to start in the first quarter of 2019 and is planned as a continuation of the successful exploratory project DLUX  (FFG #855465, ICT of the Future, 4th call).

Finanz- und HR-Lösungen: Cloud oder Inhouse?

Was denken Personal-, Finanz- und IT-Verantwortliche über den Einsatz von Cloud-Lösungen in ihren Unternehmen?

Sind Cloud-Lösungen eine akzeptable Alternative zu Inhouse-Lösungen? Und wenn ja, welche Anforderungen werden an solche alternativen Betriebskonzepte gestellt?

Das Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik und Neue Medien der WU führt dazu eine Umfrage durch. Bitte nehmen Sie sich zirka 10 Minuten Zeit, um unsere Fragen zu beantworten. Wir bitten Sie, den Fragebogen bis spätestens 9.6.2017 auszufüllen.

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