Syllog is a project at the IBM T.J.Watson Research Laboratory Yorktown Heights at Hawthorne, NY.


Syllog is a Knowledge Based application building environment featuring english-like syntax, DB/2 and Oracle interfaces, providing explanations of Query results, Form interface, etc.; for more information, consult the Syllog description at Watson Research. (Computer Sciences Expo 1995 Abstracts)


For all information concerning the availability of Syllog, license terms etc, please contact: Adrian Walker <>


People Oriented Software Technology, and its Use in Environmental Reporting

Teresita Krueger, George Kurian, Anil Nair, Gustaf Neumann, Ulrich Neumerkel, Stefan Nusser, Peter Reintjes, Andrew Taylor, Daphne Tzoar, and Adrian Walker

Sample Appearance


The graphical user interface Syllog uses is Wafe, Gustaf Neumann's

Widget[Athena]front end.

A package that implements a symbolic interface to the Athena widgets (or the three-D version Xaw3d) and OSF/Motif (versions 1.1 to 2.0).