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Research of the Institute of Information Systems and New Media won the best paper award at HICSS 56 [more...]
The Master program "Information Systems" of our Institution is ranked as #1 in the 10th Best Masters Ranking (2022) for Information Systems programmes in Western Europe. [more...]
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The Institute for Complex Networks focuses on understanding and advancing complex networked systems. These systems, which include social networks, power grids, transportation systems, and software supply chains, are characterized by underlying network structures. To achieve this understanding, the Institute analyzes data produced by these systems and the interactions within and between networks. The ultimate goal is to improve system design and engineering practices, enhance system control and observability, ensure compliance with legal requirements, and increase resilience to attacks or failures. Essential building blocks include methods, techniques, and tools from network analysis, data science, system and software engineering, and control and governance mechanisms. The Institute has a strong track record, evident through its top-tier publications and involvement in national and EU projects. Additionally, it equips students with technical knowledge and skills for managing complex networked systems in real-world contexts.

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