Duration: June 2019 - Ongoing

Contact Person: Dr.-Ing. Marjan Khobreh

GamIng (Gamification for Teaching and Learning) is funded by the vice-rector for Academic Programs and Student Affairs, Vienna University of Business and Economics (WU) and conducted by the Institute of Information Systems and New Media.


Innovative learning and teaching systems aim at engaging the learners in the process of learning. The key factor of effective learning is to be engaged, motivated, supported and interested learners. One of the effective solutions for engaging the learners in the digital world is “Gamification”. The most common context for applying gamification is education or serious learning. The serious games are concentrating on improving the learning process by motivating the learners and enhancing the degree of user engagement in acquiring domain-specific knowledge and skills.

GamIng project aims at developing a prototype of a serious game to engage students and activate them to learn joyfully. The scope of the project is the course of “Betriebliche Informationssysteme I (BIS-I)” (EN:  Business Information Systems). BIS-I is an LVP type and categorized as the common body of knowledge (CBK) for the bachelor program of Economic and Social Sciences. This course is taken by most students of WU in the first year of study (2.300 Students took the course in 2018). The goal of gamification in this course is foster teamwork and learning engagement in large classes, where many students learn remotely.

GamIng project will involve active and former students of BIS-I in the process of designing and testing the game. The game interface prototype, which will be created based on the needs and interests of the students and the lecturers, will not course dependent, therefore, it should be a basis for the other courses, which can benefit from the result of GamIng for improving the level of engagement of their students.


GamIng has three main objectives:

1) Engaging students in learning activities at the class by participating in the game and do challenges at the class.

2) Activating the students to learn by exercising the course content during the term instead of just preparing themselves some days before exams.

3) Providing a feedback mechanism for the lectures to analyze the effect of gaming and learning on the results of the exams.


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