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xoRET - Brief Description:
xoRET is a graphical software tool (see screenshots here) that provides tool support for the scenario-driven role-engineering process. It facilitates the specification and inspection of trace-relations to ease change management activities, and it is capable to propose a (preliminary) policy rule set that can be imported by xoRBAC. The xoRET role engineering tool consists of the xoRET core component and the xoRET graphical user interface. xoRET allows to create and maintain the different objects that are used and produced during the scenario-driven role engineering process. The tool is implemented in Extended Object Tcl (XOTcl). The graphical user interface uses BWidget and Tk widgets. Being a research prototype, xoRET is subject to an ongoing change/improvement process resulting in new versions of the tool -- some of these versions are released on this web page at irregular intervals.

xoRET GUI main window/toolbar
xoRET GUI main window

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Mark Strembeck
Mark Strembeck