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As an outcome of our RESPECTeD project led by Soheil Human and conducted in collaboration with noyb, our researchers have developed the Advanced Data Protection Control (ADPC). ADPC is a proposed automated mechanism for the communication of users’ privacy decisions. [more...]
Submissions open from 1 February 2021
Submissions due by 30 June 2021 [more...]
Data misuse and misinformation are key problems associated with the use of the internet today. As part of the PENNI project (Policy Enabled Next generation Internet), WU Senior Assistant Professor Sabrina Kirrane is working to build a new, decentralized internet that is based on transparency and allows users to keep more control over their data. Computer scientist Sabrina Kirrane is WU's Researcher of the Month October. [more...]
This week (8th-10th September 2020) the partners of the SEPA360 project successfully held their second Learning and Teaching Training Event (LTTE) online, due to the ongoing pandemic crisis (Covid-19). The initial event was planned to be hosted in Thessaloniki, Greece and would have brought together over 30 digital champions from interdisciplinary backgrounds in higher education. Even though the SEPA360 team transitioned the complete workshop into an online mode more than 25 digital champions were able to join the 3-day workshop and participate in breakout sessions. [more...]

Check out the recent talk on Human-centric AI challenges and opportunities by Sabrina Kirrane, which was presented as part of the AI & Policy track of the 2020 Applied Machine Learning Days Conference. In the talk Sabrina argues that applications that are able to understand constraints (in the form of goals, preferences, norms and usage restrictions), together with trust and transparency mechanisms, will give citizens more control over how their data is utilised, and will foster trustworthiness in the respective systems.

Applied ML Days Track Info: AI Policy | Youtube Video of the Talk

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